Ja, inderdaad: wij zijn koffiegek.
Al sinds 2003.

Dagelijks gaan we op zoek naar
betere koffiebonen en vernieuwende
zetmethoden. Vanuit onze liefde
voor de koffiebes als wonder
der natuur, met respect voor de
koffieteelt en voorname focus op
smaak, brengen wij de Specialty
Coffees naar u toe.

Onze bonen werden met
veel enthousiasme geselecteerd,
gebrand en verpakt.

Met bijgevoegd advies maak je
van ieder moment van de dag een
uitzonderlijke koffie-ervaring.
Veel genot!
Koffie zet je best met gefilterd water, net onder
het kookpunt.

Ratio press/filter: 60gr koffie / 1000gr water.

Aeropress: Geen speciaal advies.
Vele mogelijkheden; lukt altijd :-)

French Press: Grove maling. Na 4 min boven
laag aflepelen, press en drink.

Filter: Medium maling. Maak een kuiltje in de
koffie en schenk daarop een beetje water voor
1ste bloeming.
30 sec later het water in kleine cirkelvormige
bewegingen en met fijne waterstraal opschenken.
Schenk nooit aan de rand! 3 min extractie
is prima

Espresso: Ratio: 20 gr voor een diepe dubbele
filterbasket. Extra fijne maling.
Voor een dubbel shot van 4 à 6cl, al naargelang
persoonlijke smaak

Watertemperatuur al naargelang koffie en
voorkeur tussen 90° en 94°C
Extractie loopt < 20 sec maal fijner
Extractie > 35 sec maal groffer of doseer lager

Meer zetadvies: www.caffenation.blogspot.com

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Antwerp Barista

The Lido 2 Grinder Review (by Bart)

Author: Rob Berghmans

The Lido 2 grinder review

As I told you last time, I have been reviewing two new grinders for Caffenation. In my previous review you can read about my motivation to getting a new grinder and my experience with the Rhino, a very decent portable grinder. Now it's time for something completely different: the Lido 2 grinder.

If you compare just the two boxes of the grinders, you will notice the Lido 2 comes from a different league. The box is very large and heavy compared to the small Rhino box. It contains the Lido 2 grinder itself, a stand to fit the grinder, a brush to clean it, the manual and a ball driver to deconstruct the Lido for thorough cleaning.
Certainly most striking is the design and the size of the Lido: this grinder is big and made of sturdy glass and metal. At first I was afraid that this glass design might make the Lido fragile, but actually it feels strong and reliable. 
Surprisingly for this price range the Lido does not come with a pouch. This confirms my suspicion on how I would use this grinder. This cool tool is not made for a quick cup on the road, it's made for a slow and perfectly tuned cup at home or even better at a competition.

As you would expect from a top range grinder, operation is more difficult. Fortunately after a short read you can easily use this grinder without having to refer to the manual continuously. Inserting beans in the grinder is simple: there is no lid on top, just pour your favorite beans in the grinder and you are ready to go. To collect your ground beans a glass jar is screwed under the Lido 2. At first this jar looks like a good old fashioned marmalade jar, but it feels more sturdy and reliable.

Adjusting your grind is much more flexible than with the Rhino, the Lido 2 gives you a much larger range of settings because it is infinitely adjustable. Because of this, I expect to see this grinder turning up at local Aeropress championships, where a perfectly tuned grind can make a large difference. The grind is adjusted with two rings, a larger ring determines how coarse or fine you want your ground coffee and a smaller ring locks the larger ring in place. The manual explains in detail how this works, including suggestions for different settings. The makers of the Lido 2 claim this grinder can grind your beans for espresso and I believe them, it will work. However, for daily espresso shots or in an espresso bar I would not recommend this grinder. Then you should look for a large volume machine.

This is an impressive tool, so what are the bad points? Weight and size certainly are not optimal for usage on the road, this is not a grinder you toss in your backpack when you go camping. Also important to note is that you will face a learning curve with the ring operation. The manual admits this, you will have to learn how to control this system to properly use it for perfect grinds. Finally, this is a professional grinder, which comes with a professional price tag. I believe it's worth its price and I seriously consider buying this one for perfect drip grinds at home. If you are a serious coffee amateur looking for a better grinder this is a good candidate.

To summarize, the Lido 2 is an impressive and high quality grinder, which is very powerful and flexible. It's not portable or cheap, but very powerful. I expect this grinder to show up at future coffee competitions or in the hands of passionate amateurs. If you want to invest in gear to get the best flavors from your beans, this grinder is for you.

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Brazil Fazenda Rainha Pulped Natural Yellow Bourbon

Author: Caffenation

Long time ago we did a Brazil.
This one comes from the Fazenda Rainha (Queen Farm) in the well-known Alto Moggiana region of Sao Paulo state. They are a former #1 COE winner.
The bean is a classic Yellow Bourbon.
Here at Fazenda Rainha things are all very well organized.
All farm employees live on the farm, eliminating the need for temporary workers. They enjoy free health insurance and public education at the farm’s local school. Teacher salaries are covered by the State, the rest is covered by the farm. They even own a beautiful Oscar Niemeyer-designed chapel (large enough to be a church) which was built and is used by the employees. Sitting atop a ridge, the chapel is quite a sight.
A small word on Pulped Natural : During this process, the skin is removed from the coffee cherry, leaving the fruity mucilage intact during the drying process. The machinery used to eventually remove the mucilage is either pulped or taken off by forced demucilage equipment. Pulped natural coffee can have more body and lower acidity than the washed process, and a cleaner, more uniform cup than the natural process.


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